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Great bathroom design in Zurich airport

August 2, 2015

I travelled through Zurich airport last week (25th July) and was really excited about the bathroom facilities. (Yes, I’m easily excited.)

Generally, such facilities include a row of basins with one or two soap dispensers placed between them and then on another wall, some kind of drying facilities.

In Zurich airport some genius had installed each basin with a soap dispenser above it and next to it a paper towel dispenser and a bin. Each basin had all the bits! The genius of this arrangement is that you get to do everything you need to (soap, rinse and dry your hands) in one place.

The usual arrangement has people leaning over each other to reach the soap dispensers, and then dripping across to the dryers creating confusing traffic patterns. This is made doubly difficult when trying to wrangle luggage at the same time.

This way, you move from the cubicles to the basins and then complete your task in one place. There is even a mirror so you can check your hair at the same time.

Of course there must be some greater outlay for the fittings, but I imagine the cost of the consumables stays the same since the same number of people are going to dry their hands. So it’s an upfront investment in a much better traffic flow.

I’m really sorry I didn’t take a picture. Hope more airports follow suit.

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