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A personal, portable tree?

January 18, 2015

I was walking back home from Norwood today and enjoying the shade of a large umbrella which I’d carried with me because the morning had looked like rain. Now the African sun was beating down and I was revelling in my very own portable patch of shade. Like a little, personal, portable tree.

So why are umbrellas not made to resemble trees?

A quick search reveals two palm-tree versions:

Palm Tree umbrella Palms

But that’s not quite what I had in mind.

I was thinking of a shade tree rather more like this:


(This fabulous picture taken by photographer Jarle Naustvik,

I am imagining an umbrella with a thick wooden handle, carved like this tree-trunk, and a canopy of thick canvas, painted with the spreading branches and tiny leaves. It might even have the blue sky showing through, so that I can look up and imagine that my personal, portable tree is accompanying me as I walk.

If only…

I hope that someone will take the idea up and make umbrellas like this. If you do, please let me have one.

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